Just Add Jeans.

If there’s one thing I like about the net-a-ports layout (sorry to go on), it’s that it allows for me to have another look at the pieces from weeks before, giving me a second chance to pick outfits I may have overlooked – hence the new section below: BONUS. Moving on, today’s picks are all from new designers that I’m beyond excited to welcome to the blog, and best of all can all look chic if you: just add jeans. So check it out.


I first saw this bag and wasn’t too sure what to make of it. While I’m still not one hundred per cent, I must say that I love the creamy beige colour and the ultra-cool gold bar at the top.

M2Malletier     M2Malletier 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Kain     Miu Miu     Charlotte Olympia 


You really cannot go wrong with a cutesy black top with a sheer metallic speckled panel at the front. That also coupled with a blue faux-pearl embellished collar? And a pair of bad ass structured (removable) shoulders? I can’t even! I need this now!

Toga     Toga 

Styling Suggestion

MICHAEL Michael Kors     Jimmy Choo     Victoria Beckham 


Another gem from new designer to net-a-porter, Toga, and I’m wondering what took net-a-porter so long to introduce this fabulous brand? This top features a few of my favourite things: embellishment, a bit a LOT of sparkle, with a touch of bouclé knit! I am in heaven right about now and have no intention of coming down. The colour is also a rather interesting one too, and would look perfect for a night out.

Toga     Toga 

Styling Suggestion

Mother     Charlotte Olympia     Victoria Beckham 



This clutch is a prime example of what I meant above when I said the new net-a-porter layout allowed me to see things for a second time with fresh eyes. When I first saw this last week, I just did not get it! But now, looking at it again, I get it ALL, and feel sad that I almost let it slip through my wish list fingers –not cool!

Valentino     Valentino 

Styling Suggestion

Toga     Current/Elliott     Saint Laurent 

As always let me know what you think and check out net-a-porter to see what else is new today. In other news, I finally joined the world of the technologically advanced and kissed goodbye to me soul mate that was my crackberry. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone, and if this post is anything to go by, you can probably tell what one of the first things I did was… I downloaded the net-a-porter app, so now I can browse and oogle on the go! It’s FREE, so download your app too!




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