The Shoedown

In recent months I’ve become OBSESSED with the classic silhouette of the stiletto, and you’ll probably have noticed that in my ‘Styling Suggestions’ I’m no longer always pairing outfits with platforms, but with a more ladylike and understated pump. While I’m not sure where this new found love sprouted from, I have embraced it and even bought myself a pair last year before Christmas. These shoes are perfect if you want to wear heels but don’t want to tower over everyone in flats in a pair of clompy platforms, or look too overdressed, and work to keep your look pulled together and chic (as I’ve learned). Below are five of my must haves, two of which I’ll hopefully be purchasing by the end of the month.


The moment when I first saw these heels, I knew it was meant to be. Then the moment my sister agreed and said she also liked them (this is a very rare occurrence), I KNEW it was set in the stars and I just had to own these ASAP. Even though it’s been a good twenty (or so) days since I first laid eyes on these, my love has not waned and I’m pretty sure I’ll be the proud owner of these soon.

Image 1 of ASOS PROXY Pointed High Heels with Toe Cap    Image 2 of ASOS PROXY Pointed High Heels with Toe Cap    Image 4 of ASOS PROXY Pointed High Heels with Toe Cap


A pointed-toe pump really shouldn’t have me in as much as a tizzy as these do; especially when I look back at a time when I really hated pointed-toe shoes (flats included – though I do still hate pointed flats…). It would seem as though I’ve grown up quite a bit, and like I always say, one of the best things about this blog for me, has been seeing my tastes and likes in style and fashion evolve over time. I’ll definitely be a proud mama when I get these in the post!

Image 1 of ALDO Frited Patent Court Shoes    Image 3 of ALDO Frited Patent Court Shoes    Image 2 of ALDO Frited Patent Court Shoes


How can you not love these? Normally my toes would be curling at the stud and bow combination (and not to mention the pointed-toe), so it would seem weird that I am BEYOND enamoured by these beautiful creations. Just add a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and a simple tee… FLAWLESS…I have no words…

Jimmy Choo     Jimmy Choo     Jimmy Choo 


These are the most recent addition to my stiletto obsession, after seeing them yesterday morning. I love how the black patent leather works so well against the black grosgrain ribbon, working well to really pull the shoe together in such an elegant and simple way.

Saint Laurent     Saint Laurent     Saint Laurent 


I like to call these the crown jewel of my stiletto wish list. These were the first pair I saw on net-a-porter that really made me take notice and I couldn’t resist but pair pretty much every outfit with them. I then remember seeing them on LeAnn Rimes when she was having a sit-down interview with Giuliana Rancic and my heart literally stopped. If there was a pair of shoes from this whole post that I want the most, THESE are they!

Jimmy Choo     Jimmy Choo     Jimmy Choo 

Here I am again in a picture I took last weekend on my way to dinner. See how the pumps just pull everything together?

The Shoedown    The Shoedown

What do you think? Let me know. I’m off to make dinner in a bit, recipe coming soon…! Happy Thursday.




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