A Double Tatt Day.

Today my sister and I have literally been joined at the hip ALL day! We started with an extra scrumptious breakfast of: two bacon and sausage toasties and a side of chips; with water for me, and peach squash for J; while we watched V For Vendetta.

A Double Tatt Day

After breakfast, we hotfooted it out of the house so that J could add to her ink collection and get TWO new tattoos.

A Double Tatt Day

A Double Tatt Day

A Double Tatt Day

I spent half the time taking endless selfies and uploading them to instagram (if you’re not following me, you’re missing out but you can follow me here!), and the other half of the time I spent hugging my sissy whilst waffling on about the signifier and the signified, to get her through the pain.

A Double Tatt Day

A Double Tatt Day

A Double Tatt Day

A mere two hours later, we made our way back home then went on a mini walk to collect our thoughts.

Right now we’re just resting up, but we’re going to (hopefully) end the day with one of our favourite films: A Scanner Darkly. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my day 😀




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