Season Finale Season.

It’s that time of year again when shows have either been renewed or cancelled, and pack up for the long summer. While this acts as a meaningful rest for the actors and writers and those involved behind the scenes, it acts as a torturous four months for the viewers, who now have to find something else to occupy their evenings for the long summer. For me, these long four months mean not waking up every Friday morning with ne juicy, high energy, ‘OMG’ episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal – which both have their season finales airing TONIGHT (or in my unique case, early tomorrow morning). I’ll definitely spend the summer having countless Grey’s and Scandal marathons, and I’m pretty sure I’ll also spend the time finally catching up with Gossip Girl, in between working and reading my summer books, of course.

Check out the promos for Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and let me know if you’ll be watching tonight!! It’ll be a tough few months, and knowing Shonda, I know she’ll leave us with an excruciating cliff-hanger, but I for one cannot wait!

I know that I am going to be OMGing my way through these two eps, and you know that I’ll also be live-tweeting as I go. I can’t fucking wait!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!



ps. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, you can spend the summer catching up, in preparation for September/October 😀


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