Two Lanes of Freedom.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what new albums I’m listening to, and as I’ve got nothing but time, no seems like a good as any! For the past few days my genre of choice has been COUNTRY and I’ve been predominately switching between Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away and Tim McGraw’s Two Lanes of Freedom. The former is a really good album, but McGraw’s trumped it BIG TIME!


Two Lanes of Freedom is Tim’s latest album, released in February of this year and did incredibly well in the charts! Like most albums, the songs are quite varied, although there aren’t as many slow songs as I thought there’d be (thank god!), so I find myself dancing a lot to most of the tunes. That being said, the slow songs aren’t your typical “slow songs” – I’m not really sure how to put it, but they’re so calm and relaxed and work really well with the rest of the album. ALL the songs are so beautifully and creatively written, so kudos to Tim’s writers for that (unfortunately McGraw didn’t write any of the songs for this album, but he did co-produce it)!

Every time I think I have a favourite, another song will always creep in, so I’ve been listening to all of them on repeat. Obviously, ‘Highway Don’t Care’, featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban is a favourite of mine, but now having said that I’m listing other songs as my favourite such as,‘Truck Yeah’, ‘It’s Your World’, ‘Nashville Without You’, ‘One of Those Nights’, ‘Annie I Owe You a Dance’, ‘Two Lanes of Freedom’, ‘Mexicoma’, ‘Book of John’ and ‘Southern Girl’ (see what I mean about not being able to choose?). It really is one of those albums that you end up LOVING every single song!

Let me know what you think and if you can give the album a listen and a download! Country is music for the soul and you won’t regret getting this album!




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