Monday Again.

Yes it’s Monday again and the novelty of being home and not having assignments to complete has worn off, so I’m keeping myself busy with the blog and writing. Another way I’ve been occupying my mind is by browsing through the latest on net-a-porter. Here are my favourites.


I love cardigans like this because it means you don’t have to bother about buttons or doing it up; you simply throw it on top of anything to complete the look. This fuzzy warm red patterned cardigan from Etro reminds me of my travels in America and in spite of the Aztec designs embellishing it; it still manages to look simple.

Etro     Etro 

Styling Suggestion

Chloé     Gucci     Tory Burch     Victoria Beckham 


Cardigans appear to be making the round today, but I’m not complaining. This Red Valentino is quite a departure from Etro, with its more classic and ladylike appeal, making it perfect for evenings out with friends, thrown on top of a casual look to make it appear more dressed up.

RED Valentino     RED Valentino 

Styling Suggestion

J Brand     Tibi     Jimmy Choo     Saint Laurent 


I’m a sucker for a pair of shades, and thank god for the summer because it means it’s the season of sunglasses! While I usually go for thin rimmed sunnies, I am ALL OVER these thick rimmed ones and wish I could get my hands on them.

Saint Laurent     Saint Laurent 

Styling Suggestion

DELPOZO     J Brand     Repetto     Christian Louboutin 


This bag isn’t one that I’d usually go for, but there was something about that I really liked it. I can’t wait to own something like this in the future!

Burberry Shoes & Accessories     Burberry Shoes & Accessories 

Styling Suggestion

Theory     J Brand     Miu Miu 

Check out net-a-porter to see what else is new and don’t forget to check back soon.




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