The Route 66 Tee.

I’m not going to lie; I started my day in a striped Jack Wills dress, but thought it might be a wise idea to change after stepping out in my garden for a quick second. So how did I resolve the situation? I rummaged through my half unpacked suitcase to see what options I had to work with before deciding on this tee and black cropped trousers that I rolled up for an extra cropped look. You’ll probably recognise this tee from my road trip in America, and I have to admit that putting it on pushed a whole load of funny and fond memories (not that they’re not always playing on an intermitted loop in my head).

The Route 66 Tee

Tee – from a store in Williams, AZ, America; Cropped trousers – Uniqlo

It’s not as sunny as I thought it’d be today, so good thing I did change after all! I start work next Monday so I’m going to spend these next few days resting up and being as lazy as humanly possible. Happy Friday.




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