Florals and Clu.

Today’s picks are split into two categories (hence the title), which makes thing a lot simpler when I try to describe my favourite pieces.


Erdem are most renowned for their floral prints and in all honesty, Erdem wouldn’t be Erdem if they didn’t bring out a bold floral print, and I’m sure millions would be wholly disappointed. While I’m not usually into florals, recent times have shown me that I quite like them (case in point, the top right picture of my header).

Erdem     Erdem 

Styling Suggestion

Mary Katrantzou     Jimmy Choo     Alexander Wang 


I’m not going to lie, this could easily be mistaken for an Erdem creation, although I do feel that this Valli top goes about florals in a different manner. I love the white on this top and I’ll be keeping an eye out for a Parallel Price (watch this space!).

Giambattista Valli     Giambattista Valli 

Styling Suggestion

J Brand     Gianvito Rossi     Valentino 


These super cosy sweatpants are just what the lazy doctor ordered. The colour is PERFECT, the style is PERFECT, and the fit is PERFECT. All that matters now is somehow getting the sweats off my laptop screen and on to my legs.

CLU     CLU 

Styling Suggestion

Gucci     Repetto     Valentino 


I have wanted to own a Clu sweater for such a long time now, that I think I might just have to take to the plunge and add this to my basket before I change my mind – screw having to pay rent on my uni house!

CLU     CLU 

Styling Suggestion

J Brand     Jimmy Choo     Saint Laurent 

Let me know what you think. Happy Friday!




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