Pretty Vicky.

So I literally just saw these pictures moments ago and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share! Victoria Beckham is actual PERFECTION, and I won’t lie when I say that sometimes I look at her and think: WOW! There are few people I would class in this category, but seriously, she really is something else – the only other person I would put in league with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (which obviously says quite a lot, I mean, you guys read this blog, right?).

Lady in red: Victoria Beckham steps out looking chic on China Central Television on Sunday

A rare smile: Victoria looked in high spirits as she made her way out to join husband David on the TV show     A rare smile: Victoria looked in high spirits as she made her way out to join husband David on the TV show

Glamorous couple: David Beckham and Victoria made for an eye-catching couple in their smart outfits

Show of support: Victoria is in China to promote her fashion line as well as support David who is am ambassador for the football league

Proud husband: David beams with pride as Victoria discusses her fashion designs

Interview: Victoria and David then sat down on the TV show for a chat

I told you she smiles: David Beckham posted a laughing snapshot of his wife Victoria on his Facebook page on Sunday

Welcome to China! Victoria posted another photograph of herself being mobbed by fans

What a beautiful view: Victoria tweeted a snapshot of herself wearing the dress in front of Bejing's spectacular cityscape

Chat with the stylist: Victoria tweeted a picture of herself with Ken Paves, asking her followers if they thought he looked like Oprah

Victoria is the most beautiful, incredibly talented, and inspirational woman; her signature style coming second to none. My love runs deep. What an AWESOME lady!!




*pictures from The Daily Mail


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