Out of the Furnace.

The trailer for Christian Bale’s latest flick got released to today and I am so excited for it to hit the cinemas later this year. The film is about two brothers, Christian Bale and Casey Affleck (DOUBLE SWOON if you ask me ;)) from an economically deprived part of America. When Affleck’s character goes missing after refusing to take a dive in a fist fight, Bale’s character goes out looking for revenge and his brother. This is a who’s-who of whosville, starring the likes of: Woody Harrleson, Willem Defoe, Forest Whitaker, Sam Shepard and Zoë Saldana.

The film is also directed by Sam Cooper, who directed Crazy Heart, and judging by the trailer of this film, it looks as though I should check out Cooper’s other film. Anyway, have a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.




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