Made In The USA.

I’m supposed to be at work right now, but my body doesn’t seem to agree, so I’m at home sat on my bed trying to take my mind off things…. And what better way to do that than to check out some new tunes. When this song first started playing I was VERY sceptical and almost disappointed that this was really the route Demi, as many other artists of late have done, had taken, but as the song progressed, I felt the hairs on my arms stand up. This song is cute as is the video, although I’m not too keen on the whole Iraq war motif that so many music videos seem to use *coughAvrilLavigneKatyPerrycough* but I’ll look past that for now. Even though I’ve only heard it the one time, I’ve already got the catchy chorus stuck in my head so I’ll probably download the song and give the video another cheeky watch 😉

Also, isn’t Amiee Teegarden looking fantastic in this?! And how about Dustin Milligan? Obviously I could never forget Demi herself who is looking absolutely FABULOUSLY STUNNING in this video!!! I have to say that I’m very impressed!




2 thoughts on “Made In The USA.

    • like i knew i would, i’ve had this song on repeat since yesterday! it’s definitely my summer anthem!
      thanks for checking out the post 🙂


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