Soldier Of Love.

Those of you who are not familiar with Sade, having clearly been living under rock. This was me up until a couple of six or seven years ago when they performed on The Jonathon Ross Show back when it was over on BBC One. After that pretty impressive performance, I didn’t hear anything else from Sade until this past week when I was watching an episode of Sex and the City. While this was not the song that played at the end of the episode, I found myself on this video on YouTube, and I was completely mesmerized. The beat is epic and Sade’s voice is second to none! It’s such a deeply sensual song without being overtly sexual, making it seem somewhat mysterious, which is all down to Sade’s sultry strong and musky voice. Even though this song was released way back in 2006, it has hints of the eighties but still manages to sound modern, making it a timeless number – like so many Sade songs.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. PLUS, there’s another Sade number coming right up.




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