The Willow Leather It-Tote.

It’s funny to think that I’ve been staring at this bag for the past two to three weeks and didn’t bat an eyelid at it until earlier today when I was browsing through the latest over at net-a-porter.

Mulberry     Mulberry     Mulberry 

From afar, the bag didn’t make much sense. To me it had WAY too many details, and as we’re all more than aware by now, I’m such a simple girl, that the idea of zips and excessive hardware makes me recoil and gag. However there was something about seeing this bag today that made me see things completely different to what I had been seeing at work.

Mulberry     Mulberry     Mulberry 

With its simplistic shape, detachable clutch, effortless colours and easy handling, it’s fair to say that the Willow has the potential to be the It-bag of 2013. It also goes without saying that Mulberry is famed for providing the fashion nation with it-bags galore – just look at the Alexa, the Bayswater and the latest hit: the cutesy Lana Del Rey; so I have every hope this bag is going to really take off. If you don’t believe me, I’ve already seen it on the arms of Sienna Miller and Alex Gerrard, to name but a few, and it’s also selling really well at work.


Like with everything else I seem to fall in love with, if only it wasn’t so out of my price range 😥 At £1500, and with bills to pay, let’s just say I won’t be owning this anytime soon… unless, that is, there’s a willing and generous benefactor out there looking to make a girl like me happy.




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