A Glitter Sole.

While I’m not exactly on the lookout for a new pair of fab heels to purchase ready for returning to uni in September, that hasn’t stopped me from having a little nosey around. However, this being said I have just found my next purchase (I guess it’s a good thing I get paid on Friday and I am DEFINITELY in the business of treating myself to a little somethin’ somethin’), and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with my finding.

I think it’s fair to say that every girl needs to own a pair of killer black heels that can be thrown with any outfit and that will look amazing season after season, because let’s be honest: when does black ever go out of fashion?


Boohoo have definitely hit the fashion shoe nail on the head with an even more fabulous hammer with their brand spanking new “Lola” platforms. What, I hear you ask, makes Lola so damn hot? Why the gold glittered sole of course! I literally died and went to glitter heaven when I saw that sole sparkle, and we all know about my glitter addiction.

At only £30 these bad-boys will hardly break the bank, and like I said earlier, I think I deserve a little treat especially when I look back on all that I’ve accomplished this summer (more of that coming soon). I seriously cannot wait to buy these and wear them out! Happy Wednesday indeed!




3 thoughts on “A Glitter Sole.

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