To Buy Or Not To Buy: 5050.

I have been on the lookout for the perfect boots (that aren’t lined with sheep wool) for longer than I care to remember. It wasn’t until late year that I finally found THE boots. Enter Stuart Weitzman and his ultra-chic iconic 5050 knee high boots.


I can’t put into words everything I love about them or why they’re my dream boots, but just trust me when I say that they are. I dream of wearing these with skinny jeans, a mini skirt and thick tights in the winter; then pairing it with cropped pants, shorts and flimsy cute blouses for the spring and early summer – a fur gilet would go swimmingly all year round too. Styling Suggestion below:


    Helmut Lang     Rick Owens 


Skaist-Taylor     T by Alexander Wang     Karl Donoghue 

The only downside to these beautiful treasures is that they carry a price tag of £410 (and that’s not including shipping!), and while I’ve spent a fair amount of money on things in the past, this would by far be my biggest splurge on a single item, and I’m not too sure I’m quite ready to take the plunge. Sure I do get paid on Friday (like I’ve already mentioned), but I still don’t know.

5050    5050

I guess I’ll have to make do with dreaming and imaging until I make up my mind. I will welcome any and all suggestions as to what to do about my pesky dilemma. And while I decide whether to buy or not, I’ll also have a think about whether I want the all suede ones or the leather and suede. Decisions, decisions…




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