The Net-A-Porter Newcomers.

Today’s wish list picks sees two new and exclusive luxury brands to net-a-porter, and I have to say that I’ve already fallen under their spell. Mansur Gavriel’s spaciously simple and elegant tote has been swooning all sorts of crazy; with the unexpected pop of the interior red – can I get a sexy or what? Then jewellery newcomer, Hervé van der Straeten, makes me want to start wearing jewellery (necklaces in particular) every single day for the rest of my life, which says a lot considering that jewellery posts on this blog are at the barest minimum. Net-a-porter regulars, Erickson Beamon and J. Crew, provide expected pleasures in the form of stunning enamel and gold plated drop earrings (that I’d love to rock *hint hint*) and a pair  of so elegantly styled simple crepe pants.


Mansur Gavriel     Mansur Gavriel     Mansur Gavriel 

Styling Suggestion

Biyan     Current/Elliott     Christian Louboutin 


Hervé Van der Straeten     Hervé Van der Straeten     Hervé Van der Straeten 

Styling Suggestion

Equipment     Skaist-Taylor     Repetto     Saint Laurent 


Erickson Beamon     Erickson Beamon  front    Erickson Beamon  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Valentino     American Vintage     Repetto     Alexander Wang 


J.Crew     J.Crew  front    J.Crew  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Faith Connexion     Repetto     Jil Sander 

Stay tuned for a post on my glitter soled platforms!




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