My Glittered Sole.

So yes it turns out that my soul is indeed made of glitter and now I finally have the proof to show you all – because my dream “Lola” platforms have finally landed!

My Glittered Sole

My Glittered Sole

I say finally, even though they arrived on Saturday (a nice welcome home gift from a hard day’s work if you ask me); it’s just taken me this long to actually share pictures. I know that last week when I first showed you my dream platforms, I said I’d wait until Friday when I got paid to buy them, but I lied. I just couldn’t wait that long, so I took the plunge and ordered them on Wednesday, you know, YOLO and that.

My Glittered Sole

My Glittered Sole

My Lola’s are perfection incarnate, right from the lush suede to the six and a half inch heel, and the main attraction: the sparkly gold sole (which I feel mirrors my own ;)).

My Glittered Sole

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, although I must say that the glitter is beginning to rub off 😥 but that’s only on the ball of the shoe. Other than that, I’m very satisfied and well worth the £30.

My Glittered Sole

The saying “all dressed up and nowhere to go” has never been more real. I’m literally itching for a fancy event so I can finally wear these beauties out.




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