Birthday Surprise.

Today is my mum’s birthday and boy oh boy did she have a great day – Joan and I made sure of that!

Birthday Surprise

We started the day quite naturally with chocolate cake and candles that refused to stayed lit for long enough for a picture to be taken.

Birthday Surprise

That didn’t stop us though, and we happily chomped away at a few slices… (Don’t tell my mum I told you, but she had a whopping FOUR slices…)

Then it was present time. Joan and I left nothing to chance with a goody bag filled with an assortment of goodies. From a cute leopard print blouse, a brocade inspired monochrome skirt, chocolates, flowers, a MASSIVE card and much much more, I think we had everything covered.

Having stuffed our faces with chocolate cake and filled our bellies with such excitement, we’d worked up quite an appetite and it was time for lunch. Lunch in my mind only means one thing: WAGAMAMA, and I was more than happy to introduce my favourite eatery to mum.

Birthday Surprise

Taking shelter from the rain outside, we ordered our food and indulged in a bit of chit chat and photo taking before our shared starter came.

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

It was VERY hot and yes I did burn my tongue.

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Then the meals started rolling out and I was in heaven.

Joan had stir-fried rice with miso soup and Japanese style pickles.

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Obviously I had to have a chicken katsu curry – I mean when have I ever had anything else?

Birthday Surprise

And mum satisfied herself with chilli chicken ramen noodles.

Birthday Surprise

It soon became clear to us that we were so full and that taking another bite of food would mean our bellies popping, so we took our leftovers to go in a doggie bag. Not before mum got a cheeky hug from the hot waiter, Vlad, who I recognised (albeit too late) from another Wagamama. I think that if I go back on Sunday then I’ll be able to get a hug of my own, what do you think?

We then ended our excursion with one last surprise… a new dress for mama (which she LOVE LOVE LOVED).

The day was filled with so much fun, laughter, love and happiness and I would most definitely do it all over again!

Birthday Surprise

Happy birthday mummy!




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