Mulberry Panelled Shearling Coat.

Yes winter is here and with a drop in temperature comes a drop in coat hemlines. Now this may come as shock to those who are more than well aware that I usually favour short and cropped things, but when you get a look at this BEAUTIFUL coat, you’ll understand why I had to make the exception. Mulberry’s leather trimmed masterpiece is chic as it is functional, and could go with just about anything; from jeans and knitted sweaters to something more refined like knee boots and a shift dress, this coats works.

Mulberry     Mulberry     Mulberry  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Donna Karan      Proenza Schouler    Dolce & Gabbana     Fendi 




2 thoughts on “Mulberry Panelled Shearling Coat.

    • i totally agree! i also think that longer coats look more chic and elegant than shorter ones (as well as keeping you a lot warmer too!).

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