Print Palermo.

I should think that by now I don’t really need to introduce Olivia, as I think it kind of goes without saying she is one of THE most stylish women on the planet (she most definitely makes the top ten, not that I’ve actually sat down and figured it out myself though…), and every time I see her latest outfits I swear I get butterflies. Anyways, these pictures are from a shoot she was doing the other day, and doesn’t her print outfit look simply divine? I know that I could definitely do with investing in some similar pieces.

Fashionably warm: Model Olivia Palermo modeled a trendy multi-coloured jacket with matching pumps during a photo shoot in Manhattan Sunday

Getting chilly: Olivia began to look a little cold after the long shoot, which including modeling a light brown leather handbag

Ready for winter: With two coats, Olivia seems impervious to the New York City chill

Pretty poser: Olivia's light brown hair was shining and styled in long waves for the shoot

That's better! Olivia snuggled into a three-quarter length shearling coat during the shoot

Do you think if I asked nicely she’d be my stylist?




2 thoughts on “Print Palermo.

  1. No one in the entire universe can color block like Olivia Palermo. I love how her style is so simple, yet amazing. The way she combines different pieces is unbelievable. I would definitely love to borrow her brain some day, which makes me sound like psycho haha 😀

    • i wholeheartedly agree with you! i think she is such a fashionable and chic inspiration to every woman, especially young ones, and wish that more women would dress like her. her look is always so classic yet totally accessible. don’t worry about sounding psycho ahahhaa i am literally THE queen of being obsessive and psycho ahhahaa


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