Good morning guys! So the video for Britney’s new single ‘Perfume’ dropped, and what can I say? I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it… although I could be biased seeing as I’ve loved her from the VERY beginning! Anyway, the song is cute but kind of sad – her boyfriend is cheating on her – but instead of going crazy psycho bitch on the guy, she simply douses herself in perfume in the hope that it’ll rub off on said boyfriend, and the woman he’s seeing on the side will smell it. If you ask me, that’s definitely a new approach to the whole cheating situation. Check out the video.




3 thoughts on “Perfume.

  1. I’ve always preferred when she sings these types of songs to the “work b****” type. “Every time” is one of the most amazing songs that she has ever sang, in my opinion 🙂

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