Embellished Textures.

When I was little, I used to love those pop-up books that had various different textures in them. I would always graze my hands over them and obsess over different feelings beneath my hands. That same desire to graze my hand over varying textures is still with me today, and has moved on from books and onto clothing. There’s nothing quite like an unexpected texture on an item of clothing that mixes the whole thing up beautifully. Anyway, todays pick have that extra textured something that makes them POP – kind of like those books from my childhood.


Adam Lippes     Adam Lippes  front    Adam Lippes  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Current/Elliott     Fendi     Mulberry 


Milly     Milly  front    Milly  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Dion Lee     J.Crew     Gucci 


Tamara Mellon     Tamara Mellon     Tamara Mellon  outfit

Styling Suggestion

ALICE by Temperley     Gianvito Rossi     Stella McCartney 


Marc Jacobs     Marc Jacobs  front    Marc Jacobs  outfit

Styling Suggestion

Stella McCartney     Current/Elliott     Burberry Shoes & Accessories 

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