Days of Gold.

So I might have already posted a couple of my favourite tracks from this past year, but obviously no 2013 Sunday Soundtrack could be wholly complete without the last new song of 2013, and with there being less than an hour and a half left of the last Sunday of the year, I think there’s no better time to share this. Now, I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Jake Owen’s ‘Days of Gold’ is the ultimate way to end the year. It’s a fun, catchy tune that makes you reminiscent of the past summer, whilst also making you excited for the summer of 2014.

Have fun rocking out tonight!




ps. Don’t tell anyone, but this and one other song are the only two that I like from this album (also coincidentally titled Days of Gold)… soz Jake.


4 thoughts on “Days of Gold.

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes :). My birthday is on December 28th. I usually hate celebrating my birthday because being the center of attention makes me feel awkward, but since this was my 18th I expected it to feel special. I thought I would feel more liberated and more grown-up, but it was just bleh like all the others haha 😀 Happy new year! I’m definitely looking forward to reading your posts in 2014.

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