Metallic Mules.

Can you remember last year when I was gushing about how Gianvito Rossi was my latest favourite shoe designer? Well, ever since he’s been pulling it out of the bag time and time again, really showing me he has staying power (he’s definitely in my top five favourite shoe designers, which says a lot, I don’t know…). Anyway, before I go off on a love tangent, let me introduce the latest beauty to hit… the metallic leather mule.

Gianvito Rossi     Gianvito Rossi  outfit    Gianvito Rossi  back

Now, usually I’d recoil at the sight of a mule (in fact I have done so on many an occasion in the past), but there is something about these that literally has me gagging to own them and wear them out every day. Yeah the temperature would probably have to be higher than 9° and I’d have to get over whole open-toe issue, but it’d be totally worth it for these.

Gianvito Rossi  close up    Gianvito Rossi  front    Gianvito Rossi 

Sure these mules are a little bit hoochy, but I guess it goes to show just how great a designer is, if they are able to make you change your stubborn fashion ways…

Styling Suggestion

Saint Laurent     Acne     Bottega Veneta 

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