Lady Dior FW14.

Marion Cotillard has been the face of the Lady Dior handbag line for a while now, and she has done an amazing job representing the brand. If you ask me, it’s as though she was born to be the face of it, and that all the pieces are designed specifically for her. Here are a couple of shots from the new collection, and like always, she is looking divine!

Walking on air: Marion Cotillard jumps gracefully into the air from a hidden trampoline in a new campaign for Lady Dior, the fashion house's most iconic handbag

Ultra-feminine: The 38-year-old French actress looks effortlessly angelic in delicate dresses from the pre-fall collection designed by Raf Simons

On pointe: The actress keeps her toes perfectly pointed, giving her the air of a dancing ballerina

Gravity-defying: Her hair drifts upwards from the momentum of her jumpTimeless: Ms Cotillard has been the face of Lady Dior bags - a one-time favorite of Princess Diana - since 2008

Grace the pages: The campaign will make its first print appearance on Friday in Vogue Brazil before debuting in the U.S. in Vanity Fair on April 2

Perfect match: According to a press release, the bag represents 'an extension of who she is: timelessly elegant, it's forever renewing itself in surprising and creative ways'History: The original Lady Dior bag was created in 1995 and quickly became associated with Princess Diana, who was regularly spotted toting the accessory

I mean, can she rock a Dior piece or what? Check out the making of the collection shoot below.

When I’m older, I want to be Marion Cotillard. She is grace, elegance, beauty and charm all rolled into one.




2 thoughts on “Lady Dior FW14.

  1. The mind boggles as to why they force J-Law out in their stuff when she looks so wrong in everything Dior, especially when Marion shows off the brand effortless, just like she did with Chopard.

    she looks FLAWLESS in this shoot.

    • OMG i really could not agree with you more!!! i think the same thing every time i see jennifer lawrence in an add. marion definitely does a 10000000000x better job!

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