The Margeaux.

It feels like forever ago when I was scrolling through online doing some window shopping on when I first stumbled across my latest favourite accessory obsession – ‘The Margeaux’. It soon wasn’t long until I shared my find on here, asking for advice on which colour I should get. I finally decided on a colour, and during a sleepless night early in the week, I took the plunge and made an order.

The Margeaux

The Margeaux

Yesterday afternoon I received a very special package, and I’ve been giddy with happiness and excitement ever since.

The Margeaux

The Margeaux

The Margeaux

The Margeaux

The Margeaux

TOMS is built on a one-for-one model which means that for any item of theirs that you buy, they’ll help a person in the developing world. So, if you purchase a pair of their shoes, they’ll give a pair to someone; if you purchase a pair of sunglass, they’ll help give sight to someone; and now if you buy their new product: coffee, they’ll help give water to a community. Pretty cool, right?  It’s such a great and simple way of giving to charity, whilst also getting something in return. I mean, we’re only human and not all completely selfless… Anyway, I think I’m ready for summer, what about you?




ps. Check out their newly designed website and see what cool goodies they have!


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