Truffle Nails.

I bought this nail varnish upon recommendation from Holly. I’m wearing ‘Truffle’ which comes from Barry M’s “Silk” collection.

Truffle Nails

The texture of the polish is smooth and glides on like silk – it really is such a dream. The colour, while looking like it’s from a 90s pop/hip-hop music video, is luscious and shiny, with dustings of glitter and a clean sheen to it. I kind of consider this colour to be an extra sparkly and shining nude.

Truffle Nails

Two coats of this beauty ought to do it for an even and pristine finish. And don’t forget about Barry M’s base and topcoat too!

Truffle Nails

I also bought this polish in ‘Pearl’, so you can expect to see a post on that in the coming weeks. What do you think?




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