Mallorca: Essentials.

These were just a few essentials that contributed a lot to our enjoyable stay in Alcúida.

Mallorca: Essentials



When it comes to sunning, I especially value my health. Even though I may be lucky enough to have some natural SPF in my skin, I still topped up with factor 25, I mean after all, you can never be too careful.

Mallorca: Essentials


Who knew you could do so much with one pair of shoes? They were perfect for our hikes and long walks, and looked great with everything I wore. Plus, they were just SUPER comfy in general.

Mallorca: Essentials


Ginsberg’s book of poetry made for perfect reading on Bar Playa and in the apartment. His words are so powerful and riveting that it’s as though he’s reading directly to you. His poems are definitely worth a read.

Mallorca: Essentials


Obviously you couldn’t imagine entering or leaving the county without this trusty companion – although I have read some interesting stories of people travelling without a passport…

Mallorca: Essentials


As you saw, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t leave the apartment wearing these gorgeous oversized shades. They fit so perfectly, and like my Superga’s, they went with everything.

The Margeaux


I bought a pack of six for less than £10 on Amazon and they worked just fine.

Mallorca: Essentials


My brother introduced me to these cards last year when I was ttravelling to America with my class. These cards are especially great because they’re free (apart from a £10 deposit that is automatically uploaded to the card and changed to the currency) and can be used anywhere around the world. Caxton fx also offers the best exchange rate and there are no added costs when you use it, unless you’re using an atm that charges of course. The only tricky thing for me was remembering my PIN.

Mallorca: Essentials

While these items were esstencials on this trip, they could just as easily be essentials for any trip abroad. Do you have any? If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and relive Alcúida all over again.




ps. My phone also came in handy every now and again ahahaha


2 thoughts on “Mallorca: Essentials.

  1. OMG Caxton needs to sponsor you for this. Everyone bleats on about how FairFX is better but personally I think Caxton wins overall in the long run. NEVER seen anyone blog about Caxton! 😀 Mx

    • omg i know, right? i LOVE LOVE LOVE caxton and used them last year when i went to america. their rates are soooooo good and i find their service to be really good and easy to use.

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