I’m late to the game for many reasons. 1) this album came out back in February, 2) the first single came out last October, 3) the last single came out in April, and 4) this album is the SEVENTH from country crooner, Dierks Bentley. All these factors aside, you know what they say: “it’s better to be late than arrive ugly”, and I feel like it’s better that I only discovered this album this late so that at least I can now preach about how in love I am with it sufficiently and effectively. Now I know what you’re thinking; she’s always in love with an album that is the greatest thing she’s ever heard (sorry I say that about pretty much every album that I listen to); but I am actually in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Riser. This album is quite possibly one of the greatest that I’ve heard in my entire life (it definitely makes the top ten five), even though I’ve only had it since last Sunday night when I downloaded it (and yes I have had it on repeat – soz Miranda, Platinum has officially been replaced).

Some of my favourites on the album include: ‘Riser’, ‘Say You Do’ (it’s my new all-time second favourite song in the world), ‘Bourbon in Kentucky’, ‘I Hold On’ and ‘Five’. All the lyrics on this album are touching, heartfelt, and even the silly songs have soul. I’m pretty sure that if I were PMSing, I would have bawled to this album on more than one occasion.

Omg if there were ever an album for you guys to check out, IT IS THIS ONE.



ps. I should probably download his earlier stuff to see how it stacks up to this latest record.


4 thoughts on “Riser.

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