Five Favourites Thursday: June 2014.

June has gone by crazy fast, and it feels as though so much has happened in these past twenty six days. It’s been my first full month being permanently back home, I’m back at work and trying to figure out a new routine, I’ve found some new music that I know I’ll love for years to come, and the weather has been especially gorgeous this month. Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve loved this month:


Yep, I’m still listening to this album on repeat and I love it more than ever! Like I’ve said before, it’s a perfect easy listening album, and makes for great journeys to and from work every day. If you still haven’t yet, give it a listen!


Miranda Lambert’s new album packs a mean (in the best way possible of course!)-Country-girl-power infused punch, and it is not one to be overlooked. Lambert sings about everything from ageing, to beauty, to the tabloids and just about life in general. This is another album that’s definitely worth a listen.


While all of my other favourite shows have cruelly decided to call it quits for the summer, one has not let me down. When Suits returned for a fourth season at the beginning of June, I was elated! As always, it promises to be a season jam-packed with laughs, one-liners, emotions, and all sorts of juicy twists… can’t wait…


Last week I posted a picture onto Instagram on my way to work, and to my pleasant surprise, Lucky magazine editor, Eva Chen, commented on my picture! Naturally I was over the moon, especially considering that the picture was inspired by her own ‘en route to work’ Instagram snaps.

Five Favourites Thursday: June

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

So X-MEN may have come out back in May but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying it this month. Last week my sister and I went to see a late showing in 3-D and it was so good! We seriously cannot wait for it to come out on DVD later this year. I’m not sure when cinemas are going to stop showing it, but if it’s not too late, you should definitely go and see it!

Five Favourites Thursday: June

Can’t wait to see what July has to offer.




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