I’m almost pretty sure I was American in one of my past lives – I mean, it would explain my obsession with the place, wouldn’t it? I’m also pretty sure that I suffer from some kind of anti-social disorder because of the length of time it takes for me to see and catch up with friends. Anyway, the other night, Holly and I met up for dinner at a cool American diner called Ed’s.



When I say it was just what I had needed after a long day at work, I mean it. For starters, I was absolutely starving, and for another thing… I was absolutely starving hahahaha. For my main I had the ‘Cheese or Cheese Ed’s Plate’ which consisted of a Swiss cheese burger, a side of onion rings and a side of chunky fries – hey, I told you I was absolutely starving!


It wouldn’t be an American meal without a gherkin now, would it?

We chatted and talked about a whole load of things; one of which is the fact that Holly recently started her own blog. When you get bored of mine, give hers a view here and show her some love.






Not quite satisfied from dinner, we had to have dessert. I settled for brownies and ice cream while Holly went for pancakes.


We talked some more before deciding it was time to leave and finish the night with a grown-up drink, and on a mission for that perfect (but most elusive) selfie.


The food was really great and the whole vibe of the diner was what you would expect from an American diner, laidback, fun, chill and super cool. It definitely made me miss my old homeland. Oh and Happy Fourth of July!




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