While We’re Young.

I have to admit that I was THIS close to choosing another country song for today’s ‘Sunday Soundtrack’, and if it wasn’t for a somewhat prophetic week full of revelations and the beginnings of personal growth, you’d be listening to Luke Bryan instead of a group of northern boys who have since disbanded. This song is all about making the most of life and living life to the full while you’re young, something I talk about doing quite a lot, but that I fail at putting into action. It’s about leaning* into areas of your life in order to benefit from it; about throwing caution to the wind, taking that leap of faith (no matter how big or small) and saying ‘fuck it’ (yes Holly, I got that from you). It’s almost as though this song is something of an anthem, especially for those of us who get stuck in our boring ruts with no seemingly route out. While this song never topped the charts or did anything particularly amazing, it’s still such an inspiring and great song.

Oh and if any of you know of a “Get Pegasus Bridge Back Together” petition, I’d be more than happy to sign it. Happy Sunday.




*leaning in, made famous by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, is a fascinating conception that I’d like to explore, so you can expect to hear more about it on here.


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