Conscious Kimono.

I bought this kimono from H&M a couple of weeks ago and I feel as though I haven’t taken it off. It’s so slinky and goes well with everything (even things that it doesn’t really go with, but I don’t really care hahahaha). I got it in a size large and even though it’s a little bit overwhelming at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Conscious Kimono

Conscious Kimono

As it’s been an insane hot summer this year, this kimono has acted as the perfect cover up for days spent topping up my tan and laying out in the sun. plus with it being part of H&M’s Conscious Collection I feel like I’m taking care of the environment while catching some rays (young Alice would be super proud) – talk about a fashionable way to multitask.

Conscious Kimono

Conscious Kimono

Another thing I’ve found from days spent out in the sun is that my love and need for a matching two piece is no longer as intense and serious as it was. I’m now more than happy to mix things up and splice different swimsuits together – clashing prints, colours and all! My bikini is an amalgamation of a black Kookaï one and a tie-dye Primark one.

Conscious Kimono

Conscious Kimono

Conscious Kimono

Kimono: H&M Conscious Collection; Bikini top: Primark; Bikini bottoms: Kookai; Sunglasses: TOMSeyewear

Like most things that I end up loving, I’m now obsessed with kimonos and want to own every single one of them.




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