Chasing the Sunset.

We’re at that point where even though it feels as though summer has been going on forever (especially if you’re like me and your summer started way back in May), and as though summer might just never end; what with these glorious hot sweltering days that we’ve been having, spent lying out in the sun, wearing things that in a few months’ time we’ll be in such disbelief about. Anyway, as we come to the end of July and the beginning of the end of summer, on this hot summer’s night, I wanted to share a couple of pictures that I took a few weeks ago when the sun was setting and London was buzzing. In these pictures I take the time to reflect back on this seemingly never-ending summer, at all the things that have happened; and look forward to the rest of the summer and the adventures that await me (well, us, seeing as I share everything with you guys).

Chasing the Sunset

Chasing the Sunset

Chasing the Sunset

How’s the summer been treating you guys so far? I know it’s been long, but we’ve still got another month left to go. Hope you all have a good evening. Goodnight.




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