Net-A-Porter Edit X Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada is this week’s cover girl for net-a-porter’s online mag The Edit, and in her interview she talks about everything from her latest career move (she’ll star in the new TV show Gotham which follows the beginning of Jim Gordon’s career – Batman fans rejoice) female equality, exercise and fitness, her marriage to Will Smith (and just kind of marriage in general), and so much more.

Sometimes it’s as though Jada flies under the radar, but whenever editorials like this come out, I’m reminded of the great inspiring, bold and empowering woman that she is. And if her being badass isn’t enough to make you read the interview, just take a look at how amazing she looks in these shots!

Female empowerment: Jada puts her fame and power to good use - she once visited Washington to testify on sex trafficking and now she's working with CNN on a documentary about it

Will Smith is one lucky man! Jada Pinkett Smith, 42, has been given a seriously slick makeover for The Edit's latest edition, within which she opens up about female empowerment and her marriage

Speaking out: Jada says that being a woman in an industry that has a voice made her feel this enormous amount of responsibility to speak out about female empowerment

Strong bond: Over the years, she and Will have been accused of unfounded infidelities, of having an 'open marriage' and have even had their sexualities questioned, all of which she shrugs off

You can check out the interview here.




pictures taken from and The Daily Mail.


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