Ray Donovan.

Family man, mysterious, tall, devilishly handsome, broody, devoted, loyal, morally corrupt, totally ripped, emotionally damaged, complex, misunderstood but oh so loveable: Ray Donovan is THE man.

A fixer to the rich and famous in L.A., Ray Donovan spends his days and most nights handling crises and helping look after his clients and his troubled, dysfunctional family. The show is a crime thriller/ drama/ occasionally comic/ romance with an old Hollywood charm to it – think old school gangsters with a modern suave edge to it. Liev Schreiber is absolutely superb as the titular character, and the rest of the cast is equally as amazing with Paula Malcolmson, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok and Jon Voight, in leading roles.

I started watching Ray Donovan last Monday and I am HOOKED. So hooked in fact that it only took me two days to watch all fifteen episodes (I watched the sixteenth episode this morning). What I love most about the show is the layered and dynamics of all the characters. No character is inherently good or bad, and you kind of find yourself loving and hating each character at different stages. Take Jon Voight’s character, Mickey Donovan the patriarch of the family, for example. To be honest, he’s a bastard, but then you do come to see that beneath all that he is quite lovable and cares for his family, even if he does have a strange way of showing it at times.

Sadly as I’m now fully caught up on all the series, there’ll be no binge watching for me (unless if I start from the beginning again) so I guess that I’ll have to wait like everybody else for new episodes.




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