Tomorrow: Live at the Grand Ole Opry.

It would seem as though I’ve found myself a new country voice to obsess and swoon over, and that is in the form of Chris Young. His voice is deep and reminiscent of that classic old-school country sound like Alan Jackson injected with that new kind of country sound. There is also something about his voice that is so utterly genuine and true that it is as though he’s singing from his own experience – whether it’s because he co-writes a majority of his songs or because I feel such a personal connection to them, I just don’t know. Anyway, performing at the Grand Ole Opry, Young sings about saying goodbye to a love, albeit an unhealthy love, and about spending one last night together. I guess we’ve all kind of been there; being with a person who is just not right for us, whether this be a romantic love, or a more platonic friendship, and you know that you have to say goodbye to it, no matter how hard or heartbreaking it may be; but obviously not before one last of being together before the inevitable tomorrow.

I can’t tell if I just rambled away at that last bit, but definitely make sure you check out the video. Goodnight.



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