Almond and Gold.

I bought this nail varnish a few months ago and it was nothing like I expected it to be. I guess that by now I should be used to Barry M colours turning out differently to what their colour implies/what I think the colour might be.

Almond and Gold

Almond and Gold

Anyway, ‘Almond’ is from their Gelly Collection (which is definitely my favourite of all the Barry M collections) and looks a lot like ‘Vanilla’ in the sense that it’s more purple/lilac than you would think. However, in some lights the lilac looks more nude which is nice (although that could only just be because of my skin tone), and even though I was very apprehensive towards the purplely nature of the nail varnish, in these past three days I’ve actually grown strangely accustomed to it.

Almond and Gold

I found that the polish didn’t exactly glide on like usual, but that could be down to me not shaking it as much as I usually do. Aside from that though, the polish is just fine.

Almond and Gold

Nails: Barry M ‘Almond’; Rings: ASOS

Almond and Gold

Shirt: Jack Wills; Trousers: Uniqlo

And obviously with these manicure pics I couldn’t resist showing off a few of my rings that I haven’t really worn in a while.




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