Elle Australia X Olivia Palermo.

Every time I read or see anything regarding Olivia Palermo, I’m instantly reminded of my desperate desire to be her best friend. She’s incredibly down to earth, hands down one of THE most stylish women in the world, and she just seems like she’d be a really cool girl to hang out with.

October issue: The photoshoot appeared in this month's issue of Elle Australia

Puckering up: The blonde beauty looked happy to play around for the camera and pulled a range of funny faces

In her interview with Elle Australia, Olivia talks about staying grounded and appreciative of life, as well as the fact that her assistant is in college and that her studies come before helping out Ms Palermo, which I thought was pretty cute and totally understanding on Olivia’s part. Anyway, I’ll leave these stunning pictures to say the rest.

Beautiful: Olivia Palermo looked absolutely flawless in a photoshoot for the October issue of Elle Australia 

Down-to-earth: Olivia wore a range of outfits for the photoshoot which took place while her and model husband Johannes Huebl visited Australia in August

Sixties chic! The 28-year-old rocked a white shirt dress with over the knee Gucci boots

Truly such a great inspiration.




pictures from The Daily Mail.


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