Black Flamingo.

There are always perks to having sisters, whether they’re actual relatives or just girls you’ve adopted as family over the years, as it means you’re never short of clothes or outfit inspirations. This is definitely the case with me. I think I’m incredibly lucky to have such a stylish sister with such stylish pieces that I would never think to buy for myself (case in point: this shirt), but that always seem to come in handy and save the day when I’m having a wardrobe crisis.

Black Flamingo  Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo

It took me two outfit changes to get to this final look, which then made me rush (as always), hence a few blurry pics, but then again I kind of like the rushed feel of these pictures.

Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo

Shirt: ASOS; Trousers: Uniqlo; Bag: Longchamp; Sneakers: Superga

Oh and what do you know, today marks one more month until my birthday 😉




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