Girl Most Likely.

Olivia Palermo features in this week’s The Edit, where she talks about her surprising [fabulous] wedding outfit from earlier this year, her design collaboration and hopes for the future, gives great style and fashion advice, and just continues to be her incredible amazing and inspiring self.


In her interview she also talks about seeing the bigger picture in life and not being ‘short-sighted’ in terms of goals or future prospects. Olivia has something of a ten year plan, which even though it may seem a little too far off, it allows for ‘room to breathe, change and alter the plan’. I definitely feel that at a time when there is so much pressure (both internal and external – especially internal) it’s good to remember that things take time and that there is no hurry to achieve anything.

Girl Most Likely   Girl Most Likely

All we can do is live our lives to the fullest every day and keep moving forward. I really think that Olivia’s way of looking at things with a long-term perspective is something I’m going to try to adopt in my life, which should hopefully lift some of the neurotic and anxious energy from my mind.

Girl Most Likely    Girl Most Likely

I’m telling you, the more I read about Olivia, the more I’m dying to hang out with her. She really does seem like such a cool girl to be friends with. Check out the full interview here.




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