UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions.

I’ve always wondered what I would look like with long flowing locks. I always had a vague idea of what I might look like seeing as I’d worn my hair in braids, but it wasn’t quite the same. Then, three years ago, I packed my things and bounded off to the mystical world of University Land where I was exposed to far more than books and two hour seminars. I watched as before every night out Beth and Lauran would spend time putting in their extensions and listened totally fascinated and bemused to their conversations about extensions.

UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions    UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions

UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions

The 16″ extensions

On more than one occasion they suggested I try extensions, but I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing because I doubted being able to find extensions that would match my hair. That was until the summer when I took out my braids and decided to go natural for a while (I say natural even though I relax my hair) and started researching different ways of wearing my hair. Now, my hair comes to about the bottom of my neck, and while it looks great in a slicked back bun, sometimes I want to have long hair without having to sit for hours having it braided.

UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions    UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions

So anyway, loooong story short, this one Saturday I googled extensions for relaxed hair and stumbled across UKHairWeaves. Being my Scorpio and inquisitive self, I read reviews, did more research before finally deciding to take the plunge (priced from £105 and upwards you can see why I got a little obsessive – I had to make sure I was going to be getting my money’s worth) and ordered their extensions for relaxed hair, called Regal Relaxed. I ordered their 16” extensions, and while they were absolutely fabulous they were just a tad short, so after talking to Beth, and deliberating, I ordered their 20” which were BY FAR even more fabulous.

UKHairWeaves Clip-In Extensions

The 20″ extensions

These extensions match my hair PERFECTLY and would definitely recommend them if you have relaxed hair or straighten your hair. They also have extensions for other hair types, so they’re definitely worth checking out.




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