Turbogeist & Dingwalls.

On Friday Joan and I made our way to Camden to see one of our old favourite live bands, Turbogeist.

Turbogeist & Dingwalls

Attitude, attitude always…

It had been quite a while since I had seen them play live (probably three or so years), so it was great seeing them again. They played a few songs that I hadn’t heard before, but then they played their classic ‘Alien Girl’, which always goes down a treat.

Turbogeist & Dingwalls

Turbogeist & Dingwalls

And naturally the night wouldn’t have been complete without a few hundred selfies. We give good face, no?

Turbogeist & Dingwalls

Turbogeist & Dingwalls

Turbogeist & Dingwalls

After Friday night, I’m itching to see Turbogeist play again. We’ll be heading back to Dingwalls in a few weeks’ time to see another “Turbo” band play and I can’t wait.




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