Wanna Be On Your Mind.

I was originally going to use a song from the film Anastasia for today’s Sunday Soundtrack (you’ll see why tomorrow), but then I heard Valerie June’s voice and that all changed. Her voice is like nothing I’ve heard since June Carter, with a raw but silky edge to it that kind of feels like you’ve just smoked a Marlborough Light. The first song of hers that I heard was called ‘Tennessee Time’, but after downloading the full Pushin’ Against a Stone album, it was clear to me that EVERY SINGLE SONG was a winner in my eyes, and that EVERY SINGLE SONG could have been chosen for today’s Sunday Soundtrack. Anyways, give the song a listen and let me know what you think.

It really just goes to show you can never properly plan ahead because you never know what can pop up. Happy Sunday!




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