Black and Light.

I’ve been feeling a little pensive (bordering on neurotic and stressed) these past couple of days, and like all my energy and enthusiasm has been zapped and I’m limping along like a car with a flat tire. I can’t say that I’m totally surprised – I was warned by my horoscope after all – it just takes some getting used to and I cannot wait for January to be over (only eleven more days!!!!).

Black and LightBut anyway, even though life is good for the most part, it feels like there’s too much stuff going on, but not real tangible stuff, just stuff floating around that takes up more space in my head than it should. To end on a lighter note, my makeup game really perked me up (do you ever get that?) so obviously I had to capture it in the morning light.

Black and Light


I really loved the contrast between my black hair, gilet and the crispness of the light outside.




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