Five Favourites Thursday: May 2015.

If you ask me, this month has been so long but so short. It feels as though so much has happened, but then at the same time it feel as though nothing has really gone on.


I got it last month but I haven’t been able to use it until a week ago. My whole experience, through frustrating as hell, reminded me that if you want something done, by god do you have to do it yourself!


My post on the finale episode of Being Mary Jane made it to the top of the TV and film category on which I’m really happy about! Thank you if you read it, and if not, you can check it out here. I haven’t written for the site in a little while so I need to kick my butt into gear and start writing.


No I haven’t bought a car yet, BUT I have found the perfect starter car. Looks like I’d better get to saving.


I couldn’t ask for a better, more comfy pair of jeans. Right now I’m deciding on whether or not I should buy these again or if I should get the dark grey version.

Blue Jeans


I don’t know if it’s the way I applied it, or a change to their polish formula, but Barry M’s ‘Nightshade’ has not chipped AT ALL. I repeat – NOT AT ALL. I’ve been wearing it for close to two weeks now and it still look as good as new. I didn’t expect to love this colour so much, but now I can’t get enough of it.


I can’t wait to see what June will offer. Happy Thursday.




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