The Truth About Life.

Seven truths we all need reminding of every once in a while…

No-one has all the answers; much of life is a total mystery.

No job is “just perfect” or ideal for you. They all have their boring and frustrating times.

There are no perfect people – everybody lets you down at times – for even the best people have their failings and weak points.

Much of life is humdrum, unexciting and mundane – but it has its times of happiness and joy as well.

Our emotions are fickle and can quickly change. Don’t expect to feel happy and contented all the time.

No matter how well you plan, you will still meet obstacles – but overcoming challenges develops character.

Uncertainty and change are a major part of life – but that adds to the intrigue, and stops things getting dull.

…now if only I could remember these.




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