Snack Time.

It’s been a while (one year, five months and about forever) since I’ve written about food. Sure I’ve mentioned it in passing here and there, but I haven’t done a REAL food post in a while. While I’d sooner consider myself a connoisseur of pizza (give me a pepperoni pizza any day and I’ll be your best friend forever), there are times when even I would rather eat something green and healthy, and that hasn’t been dipped in a gallon of oil – sorry pizza.

Snack Time

A few things that I like to snack on: cream crackers, mixed cereal, sugar snaps, pitta bread

I found a bunch of great snack ideas on, a family run company in America who offer healthy snacks that won’t leave you feeling gross and fat while you’re watching TV or just hanging out with friends. Though they are based in America, they do ship to the UK, which is great for me as I’ve already got my eyes on their chocolate covered raisins and dried fruit. Sidebar: is it weird that I HATE HATE HATE raisins but could happily devour a tonne of chocolate covered ones?

Snack Time

Pitta bread is great because you can do so much with it. You can dip it in a variety of sauces like salsa and humus, or you can stuff it with lean meat and salad for a healthier burger option. Why not try wholemeal pitta that will leave you feeling fuller for longer and that it is much more healthier than white pitta.

Snack Time

We all love eating dry cereal from the box, but why not try it as a light snack? Mix different cereals like branflakes, cluster oats, with dried fruit for a healthy daytime snack that will cater to those with a major sweet-tooth.

Snack Time

Probably my all-time favourite thing to snack on. Crackers are perfect because they last for a long time and help keep you full. Instead of eating them whole or spreading anything on them, why not break them up into smaller pieces? That way it won’t feel like you’re eating as much, and your brain will think you’ve eaten more than you actually have. Alternatively, why not squirt some honey or maple syrup over them for an updated sweet pretzel style snack?

Snack Time

Sugar snaps are the perfect snack if you’re looking for something fresh and green. They taste great raw, steamed or boiled, and really brighten up any platter. An added bonus? They also count towards your five-a-day so why not get snacking.

If this spread doesn’t quite wet your biscuit then make sure to check out for yummy AND healthy snack options. Happy Friday!



ps. I also have an updated stuffed chicken recipe that I really want to share so hopefully I’ll be able to post that in the next few weeks…


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