Taylor Swift X GQ.

My best friend in my head aka Taylor Swift (isn’t she every girl’s best friend in their head though?) features on the November issue of GQ magazine, and girl is getting it! (Okay so that sounded a lot a better in my head lol). I don’t really talk about Tay Tay as much as I talk about some of my other celeb friends, but I’ve been a massive fan of hers since Red – OMG THAT ALBUM WAS EVERYTHING AND IT SERIOUSLY CHANGED MY LIFE – and even though I haven’t with everything she’s done, I always love to see her doing well and achieving her dreams.

Cover girl: Taylor Swift scintillated in a clinging number as she was revealed on the cover of GQ Magazine for the first time on Thursday

She truly is such an inspiration and I love her more and more every day. Not a bad way to end the week. Happy Friday.




picture from The Daily Mail


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