Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015.

Another month gone and only two more until the year is finished. While this month has been fairly mellow for me, I wanted to share a few highlights.


At the beginning of the month, my older sister threw an Afrofutures event in Manchester, so my younger sister and I went up to support her. It was a day filled with fun activities and lectures from professionals from all over the world and ended with a just as awesome after party. I also have loads of pictures from this trip which I will share soon.

Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015


It’s always great when I get to see Holly and Laura, especially when life’s been bordering on the shit side. These girls always make me cry laughing and always give my stomach a good work out from laughing so much.

Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015

The food’s also good too.

Five Favourites Thursday: October 2015


Even though I changed the name of this blog earlier this year, I’ve always felt strangely connected to the old name of the blog and felt like although it didn’t fit this blog anymore, I was letting it go to waste. So naturally I decided to create another blog. This new blog focuses on hair and makeup and is over on blogger (sorry wordpress) so please go and check it out. The blog follows my personal hair and beauty experiences, and won’t be as mismatched and crazy as this one.


The person who inspired the blog above is the Australian beauty youtuber Dani Mansutti. She’s so funny, sweet, down-to-earth, cool and an all-round beautiful person inside and out. In my mind we’re the best of friends, and she really inspires me to find my own beauty path (hence the new blog) and to really try out new things. She’s also a Scorpio, born in November (on the 4th) and loves pugs, so we already have a few things in common 😉


So technically this isn’t a highlight yet, BUT in preparation for tonight, I thought I’d just add it to the list. Last year when my sister and I saw Turbowolf, we had the greatest time and made a promise to see them again. Well, that time has come and tonight we will be rocking out with them and I can’t wait. Pictures to come soon, but in the meantime, here’s a look at last year’s fun. You can also check out the post I wrote about it here.


Happy Thursday!




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